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Nar-Anon Nuggets

Here are some of our favorite sayings and slogans:

  • "What others think of me is none of my business"
    (What I think of you and what I think of me that's important!)

  • When one door closes, another will open
    (But sometimes we spend a lot of time in the allway)

  • How important is it? Is it worth giving my serenity away?

  • Say how you feel, not what you think

  • Ask yourself, "Is this mine to fix?" If it isn't broken, don't fix it

  • Change the behavior and the attitude will follow
    (I have to put action into my program. I have to take care of myself to believe that I am worth taking care of)

  • Fake it till you make it, then you got to face it
    (I can't go over my problems or under my problems. I have to work through them)

  • If I am in fear - I forget I have choices

  • If I am having difficulties, it helps to ask myself, "What step am I on?"
    (The answer is always step one)

  • My sponsor gave me two responses to use when I am being blamed by the addict (or others):

    • "I may have been wrong but I forgive myself"
    • "I am sorry, but I am not that powerful"

  • If someone says something you do not agree with simply reply, "I know you believe that"

  • I have to take the risk of telling people honestly how I feel without any expectations of changing their havior

  • I am allowed to have a full range of feelings. Feel the feeling for 15 minutes, then let it go. Anything over 15 minutes is self-indulgent

  • Forgiveness is the realization that our past isn't getting any better

  • We didn't cause it, we can't control it, and we can't cure it

  • Take what you like and leave the rest

  • Keep coming back!

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